4 things you should never do if you’re selling your Portsmouth NH home

When getting ready to sell your Portsmouth house you probably know there are some things you should do to make it more appealing to potential buyers. The old standards, ‘paint up, fix up’, clean out clutter, and those things still not only work but in fact are very important in getting your house sold more quickly and for a better price.

However there are some things you should never do because they cost way more than you can ever hope to recover and in some cases even keep your Seacoast area house from selling at all.

  1. Adding a pool, spa, or hot tub. Yep, these things are cool and very nice to have around IF you want them and are willing to spend the money for them. Unfortunately buyers very often don’t want added things like this because of upkeep, expense, liability, and other reasons. In the Seacoast area the swimming season is shorter than other parts of the country so your buyer is likely to perceive little added value from your pool. Also a buyer will also be calculating the ongoing operating costs; extra electricity, chemicals, water, and physical labor to maintain one. Add a pool or spa for your benefit if you want but don’t count on it adding value to your house.
  2. Lavish kitchen upgrades and/or remodeling. Sure, that  Capital Precision 48″ Pro-Style Gas Range with 4 Power-Flo Sealed Burners, 24″ Thermo-Griddle, 4.6 cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, Convection, Infrared Glass Broiler and Motorized Rotisserie System is way cool and will certainly create envy with your Portsmouth chef buddies but your average home buyer is very unlikely to High end stove are a poor choice to add value to your house when you sell want to pay an extra $10-15,000 to cover your cost for one of these babies. Keep kitchen remodels and upgrades simple with mainstream appliances and cabinetry & counter tops that fit into the price range your house does.
  3. Overly specialized rooms. Yep, if you turn that unused playroom downstairs into a surround sound, projection TV, total movie theater experience complete with stadium seating and several rows of custom reclining chairs you’ll make lots of new friends, especially around Superbowl time and your kids will be hosting lots of sleepovers with their buddies too. Unfortunately specialized additions like these could completely drive away a buyer who needs that space to create an apartment for his elderly mother who now needs to live with them.
  4. Super high end and high grade bathroom remodels or additions. Hey, I think a 2 person Jacuzzi, a custom tiled steam shower, and maybe a nice sauna tucked away in a corner would be swell too.  But the reality is that lots of Gen Y buyers and budget or eco-minded buyers that have concerns about the environment and water conservation will view these upgrades as a resource wasting extravagance and want no part of it (or your house). Here’s some ways to upgrade your bathroom and make it more appealing to potential buyers for less than a hundred bucks.

Everyone wants to live in a home that reflects their interests and lifestyle but when it comes time to sell how can you determine what that still unknown buyer’s interests and lifestyle is? Answer is you can’t so your best course of action is to keep those additions and remodeling projects confined to the middle of the road for your price range and style of house. You’re much more likely to attract buyers that way than going ‘all out’.

Here’s 40 free or inexpensive tips to make your Portsmouth home stand out to potential buyers and sell faster for a better price. All some of them take is a little imagination and elbow grease.

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