Is that an igloo in Exeter New Hampshire?

Sunday afternoon Ann Cummings and I were driving back to Portsmouth from doing a BPO (broker’s price opinion) in another city and were driving through Exeter when I spotted a bunch of guys out on the frozen Exeter River building what looked like an igloo.


Having lived most of my live in east Tennessee I’ve never seen a real igloo and decided not to pass up this opportunity.  We found a parking spot in a nice little park leading down to the river and I went out on the ice to get a close up igloo view.


There were 3 guys out busily working away on their igloo. One was the ‘mason’ who was stacking the blocks of ice, another was carrying the blocks, and the third guy was cutting ice blocks with a chain saw and also keeping the mason supplied with a slush bucket of snow and water they were using as mortar. They were just getting high enough to start sloping the walls inward to form the classic ‘igloo’ half dome shape at the top.

They also let me set a couple of blocks and offered to make my picture. It was an offer too good to turn down. ;) . In the photo below that’s me over on the left side and the mason is giving me the proper ice block setting technique.


If you’re up in the Exeter, New Hampshire area anytime in the next few weeks be sure and glance over towards the Exeter River as you’re driving through; I’m sure my new friend’s igloo will still be setting out there on the ice.

I asked the guys if they were building it to fish from but they said they were just doing it for the fun of it. It sure looked like they were enjoying themselves and it does beat building a snowman by a country mile.

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