Portsmouth NH blizzard report……………it’s snowing…….a lot!

Here’s a few YouTube videos I made in the last couple of days showing the snowfall in Portsmouth New Hampshire. We ended up with about 5 inches Tuesday, February 1st, and it’s still snowing Wednesday the 2nd.

Above is from yesterday, February 1st, 2011. This is our back yard in the Little Harbor area of Portsmouth, near downtown.

And this if from this morning, Tuesday, February 2nd. From the news it seems like most of New England is closed today, at least everything around Portsmouth is. For those of you that may not be familiar with some of the ‘special’ things you have to do in the Portsmouth and New England areas during the winter, here’s a demonstration of “roof raking”. you have to do this periodically to prevent ‘ice dams’ from forming on the overhangs and causing water from melting snow from being forced up underneath the shingles where it can then run down your inside walls and cause lots of damage. This is one of those ‘quaint’ old New England customs I could do without. ;)

And here’s a discovery that popped into my head as I was shoveling the walk recently. If you can use a leaf blower to blow leaves then why wouldn’t it work for power snow? Well, it does, and works great. It not only saves your back but does a better job than a shovel.

And that’s the winter update from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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