Portsmouth NH Memorial Bridge Update

Driving into downtown Portsmouth NH this afternoon we noticed that one of the two towers was missing from the under demolition Memorial Bridge so we stopped by Prescott Park to get a closer look. This bridge is currently being removed to be replaced by a new one connecting Portsmouth NH with Kittery, Maine.

Portsmouth NH Memorial Bridge Last Tower 3-28-12

Once we got closer we saw that the tower on the Portsmouth NH side of the bridge was gone leaving the remaining on on the Kittery ME side. The Piscataqua River was unusually calm today; it’s usually flowing very swiftly and only gets this calm a couple of times a day as the tide turns.

Just to give you a frame of reference, this is what the Portsmouth NH Memorial Bridge looked like before the demolition began. The center section between the two tall towers lifts up to allow large ships and sailboats to pass through. This iconic bridge was built in 1923 and has been in continuous service up until a couple of month ago. A new bridge is going to be built on the same site and once again connect Portsmouth NH with Kittery ME. The new bridge is scheduled to be opened in June of 2013. Here’s a link to the New Hampshire DOT website put up for this Portsmouth NH project.

Portsmouth NH Memorial Bridge

The construction crew was hard at work with two enormous cranes in action lifting old bridge parts down onto waiting barges. We saw a small blue object dangling from one of the cranes.

Portsmouth NH Memorial Bridge Swinging Potty

I zoomed in to get a closer look and discovered it was a porta potty being moved from the bridge down onto one of the barges. I guess that’s a new kind of ‘special delivery’ service.

Memorial Bridge Photos 013

Then one of the tugboats that had been docked on the opposite side of the bridge came steaming around to the side we were watching from.

Litte red tug boat

I got some great shots of the little red tugboat reflecting in the quiet waters.

Portsmouth NH Memorial Bridge Red Tug 3-28-12jpg

Both these tugboats docked at the barges moored to the bridge. The tower from the Portsmouth NH side was on one of the barges so I’m assuming they will be sailing it off to the scrap yard for recycling soon.

Portsmouth NH Memorial Bridge Two Tugs 3-28-12

That’s my update on the Portsmouth NH Memorial Bridge Project; stay tuned for further updates as demolition progresses and construction of our new bridge begins.

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