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This past weekend in Portsmouth NH was pretty nice weather wise and it brought out several vintage cars that only see daylight when their owners believe there is no chance of rain or bad weather.

While not fitting the local vintage car mold we spotted this gem first on Saturday evening. It’s a 1956 Ford station wagon.  We followed them to Islington Street where they parked and we exchanged some pleasantries and got a nice photo.

Classic 1956 Ford in Portsmouth NH  1956 Ford station wagon in Portsmouth NH

Turns out the driver and his wife are from Birmingham, Alabama and on their way to Maine to visit his mother. They were stopping over in Portsmouth NH for the night. The little red trailer being towed is a full sized, old Coca Cola cooler like you used to see in grocery stores.

Next on Sunday morning we noticed this very slick looking Chevrolet El Camino parked at a local restaurant, not sure of the year.

Chevrolet El Camino in Portsmouth NH  Chevrolet El Camino in Portsmouth NH

It too was getting plenty of envious stares from several Portsmouth NH car lovers.

And Sunday afternoon, we ran across the the coolest car of the weekend bunch; this gem

Auburn Speedster in Portsmouth NH, not a sight you see everyday.  Beautiful classic car in Portsmouth NH

And yeah, it was a 3 photo car. This is an Auburn Boattail Speedster from the 1930s cruising down the Portsmouth NH streets.

This Auburn Boattail Speedster was one of the most distinctive looking of all classic cars because of the unusualy trunk design that resembled the bow of a boat hence the name.

They were called “boattail” because of the very distinctive shape of the trunk that looks like the bow of a boat.

I love classic cars and it’s always a treat for me to see one either parked or driving down the Portsmouth NH streets.

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